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Zithromax Suspension, Shaquille O'Neal believes Dwight Howard should dominate because of the lack of competition at the center position. Zithromax Suspension us, [caption id="attachment_15033" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Dwight Howard"]Dwight Howard[/caption]

“If Dwight doesn’t win two or three championships, I’m going to be disappointed, 500mg Zithromax Suspension. 10mg Zithromax Suspension, He doesn’t have nobody. When I came in the league, Zithromax Suspension mexico, 40mg Zithromax Suspension, I had to go through Alonzo Mourning, Arvydas Sabonis, 750mg Zithromax Suspension, 150mg Zithromax Suspension, Kevin Duckworth, Rik Smits, Zithromax Suspension overseas, 200mg Zithromax Suspension, ” O’Neal said in an interview with the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

“Now I can’t name any other centers besides Kendrick Perkins and Andrew Bynum, Zithromax Suspension usa. Who else is there, Zithromax Suspension. That’s it.”

“I don’t envy him; he’s a great young player. But I’ve never seen him dog another center out. I tried to dog centers out. I went at David Robinson.”

Real GM.

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