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The NBA taking control 100 Diflucan Mg, of the New Orleans Hornets is likely just the beginning of what-if scenarios that range from the future of Chris Paul to the possibility of relocation.

[caption id="attachment_10339" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Chris Paul"]Chris Paul[/caption]

The Hornets need to average 14, 250mg 100 Diflucan Mg, 1000mg 100 Diflucan Mg, 735 by the end of January 31. If they do not, 150mg 100 Diflucan Mg, 100 Diflucan Mg mexico, the team can get out of their lease for just a $10 million penalty. The club would have to let them know by March 31, 200mg 100 Diflucan Mg, 30mg 100 Diflucan Mg, 2011 that they wish to end the lease.

Yes, 40mg 100 Diflucan Mg, 50mg 100 Diflucan Mg, you still have Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer with 2 billion dollars in cash burning in his pocket. When Seattle stopped their "Scorched Earth" Policy with David Stern, 100 Diflucan Mg usa, 100 Diflucan Mg canada, maybe that will allow the door to open for the NBA to return to Seattle.


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Comments (3)

  1. 3:45 pm, December 6, 2010c-doom  / Reply

    We dont want Stern’s criminal NBA back here. We miss the Sonics, but not enough to beg for these fakers and liars to come give us someone else’s stolen team. Stern showed his true colors to us once and we don’t forget that easily.

  2. 6:19 pm, December 7, 2010Conner  / Reply

    I would take whatever team we can get. Forget being stubborn about this, we need our Sonics back!!

  3. 9:45 pm, December 7, 2010Sonic fan  / Reply

    PLEASE bring us a team! NBA needs Seattle and Seattle needs a team. Lets do this!

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