Nuggets, Cavaliers, Knicks Working on Blockbuster Deal

According to sources, the Nuggets, Cavaliers and Knicks could be making progress on a potential trade involving Carmelo Anthony and Anderson Varejao.

No details are provided but if such a deal is reached, it is likely that Varejao, a big man whom Denver is known to covet, would be sent to the Nuggets while Anthony is moved to the Knicks, the team that is the superstar’s preferred landing spot.

Anderson Varejao

Anderson Varejao

The other pieces in the proposed trade are unknown but figure to include a combination of New York’s top young talents — Danilo Gallinari, Anthony Randolph and Wilson Chandler — some or all of whom the Knicks may be willing to part with in a blockbuster deal that brings Anthony to New York.

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