Carmelo Anthony Not Signing Extension

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is not expected to sign an extension with the Nuggets this summer, according to sources close to the situation.

“Sources close to the situation don’t expect Carmelo Anthony to sign an extension with the Denver Nuggets this summer,” Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld wrote on his Twitter page.

If Anthony does not sign an extension this summer, he will hit the free agent market next July.

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  1. 4:45 am, September 19, 2010Johnny B Fitness  / Reply

    Carmelo man, you are a great basketball player, you work hard at the game, and you will earn your stripes! were ever you end up. Mainly I got your back, A message from JohnnyBFitness.

  2. 6:34 pm, September 19, 2010jason menzie  / Reply

    if melo goes to the knicks thats a downgrade from denver he should go to chicago thats his best chance to win a ring but if they trade noah, they dont have a big man, and you see what happens to boozer when he matches up with a taller player, he cant stop them

  3. 7:30 am, September 20, 2010Robert D. Harrison Sr  / Reply

    Melo man don’t make a mistake like this if your trying to win the big prize? Your Nuggets are the best team in the west coming into this year. Lakers are really scared to face a healthy Denver team. Slim down your weight and play DEFENSE then everything will be alright. You’ll Just had bad luck last year with Karl,Kenyon and J.R. Smith. All this other team will have to give up good players to aquire your service’s. Then you’ll be stepping backwards;Stay home and get your money and ring man

  4. 9:07 am, November 5, 2010antwanette  / Reply

    u will do good at any team u go to u would have done better if u wouold have came to dallas and married me instead of lala but congrates any way on ur marriage

  5. 12:02 am, September 19, 2011nea  / Reply

    the game that you give us is so good. i d like to see you grow to greater heights and shine i am a supporter of dennuggets and you and billups are my best.

  6. 8:38 pm, September 26, 2011Peaches  / Reply

    Wuts up carmelo u r a cool.guy but yo wife is disrespecting u all up n down for her to exspouse her ass all ova tv in her panys n.bra she has no respect for you or herself n then.she told the guy on the show if she was single he would have a chance wit her that was completly uncalled for! She was lettin.him no she wanted to fuck she is a nasty dirty ho n u can do way better than that chicken.head let that gold digging ho go!

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