Boston Allowing Ray Allen’s Contract to Expire?

[caption id="attachment_3584" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Ray Allen"]Ray Allen[/caption] Sources close to the thinking in Boston say that the C's plan is to allow Allen's deal to expire and look to re-sign him to a much more manageable number this summer using his "Bird Rights." However with so many major named players expected to be available at the trade deadline, it has been surprising that the Celtics have not been mentioned more as they have been among the more active "buyers" in the League. The Celtics have a number of ending contracts to offer in addition to Allen including Tony Allen ($2.5 million), Brian Scalabrine ($3.4 million) and Eddie House ($2.8 million). HoopsWorld

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  1. 11:12 am, May 12, 2011Litebread  / Reply

    Don’t leave Boston Ray! Pleaaaassee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 7:46 am, June 2, 2011james  / Reply

    wassup bro u cold

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